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Chris Renaud-Cogswell is a creative, enthusiastic piano teacher with a passion for working with students with special needs. Chris believes every person should have the opportunity to learn to make music regardless of their natural talent, or physical, or academic abilities. Learning to play a musical instrument can make a profound impact on a child's educational, social, and emotional development, and can help to keep adult minds stimulated and sharp. 

Chris began taking piano lessons at the age of five from her Aunt Evelyn from whom she adopted her love and passion for music. A precocious child, Chris's musical interests were limitless. Aunt Evelyn provided Chris with additional opportunities to study other instruments including accordion, organ, violin, and guitar. 

Throughout her academic career, Chris enjoyed singing in choirs, accompanying on the piano, playing the xylophone and auxiliary percussion in marching and concert bands, and accordion in the pit orchestra for a high school musical. She attended Metropolitan State College (now Metropolitan State University of Denver) and the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in Music and Special Education. Chris returned to Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 to complete her education in music and special education and holds an Individualized Degree in Inclusive Music Pedagogy, focusing on engaging the needs of all students.

As an inclusive music teacher, Chris customizes lessons for every student according to their particular needs and musical tastes. Chris's experience includes over twenty years teaching private piano, thirty years accompanying church services and choirs, and singing in numerous choirs. Chris has been honored to be featured as the soprano soloist with The Lutheran Chorale in works by Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Bach, and others.

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Chris believes in student-centered education; before the music, pedagogy, or performance goals. She maintains that having fun is an important aspect of the lesson, and that playfulness in the lesson engages the attention and energy of the student, promoting deeper learning. If students are having fun, musical proficiency will follow. Chris enjoys the opportunity to nurture other positive characteristics such as creativity, curiosity, confidence, and discipline, as well as providing an emotional outlet, and helping students understand how the process relates to the end result.

Chris consistently involves students in their musical education through the use of the Piano Adventures Curriculum, and by seeking out, writing, and/or arranging personalized supplementary materials that celebrate their individual interests and talents. Through a combination of respect, listening, patience, innovation, and enthusiasm, she provides helpful feedback and physical modeling when developing and practicing new skills. The piano is Chris's tool for introducing students to many styles of music, helping them progress as musicians, and developing a lifelong appreciation of music.


* Private Piano Teacher: 1999 – Present

* Featured at the 2018 Music Teachers National Association Conference in Orlando Florida by Yamaha for her "Thinking Outside the 'Bachs' Making Baroque Music Accessible" Curriculum.

* Accompanist and Children's Choir Director at Peace With Joy Lutheran Church, American Lutheran Memorial Church, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church from 1978 through 2010.

* The Lutheran Chorale – Soprano Soloist: 1988 – 2000

* Individualized Degree in Inclusive Music Pedagogy from Metropolitan State University of Denver. 2013 – 2020

* Studied Music and Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado. 1985 – 1986                                                    

* Studied Music and Special Education at Metropolitan State College. 1984 – 1985                                                                                                                                    

Other Experience: 

* Co-Authored "Take My Hand, The Caregiver's Journey", a welcome, practical guide for the emotional journey of caregiving. Published by Torchflame Books January 2018

* Sunday School Teacher and Coordinator: 1983 – 2010

* Sign Language Instructor at Rooney Ranch Elementary School, Hutchinson Elementary School, Dunstan Middle School from 1998 – 2005

* Professional Child Care Provider: 1986 – 1997

* Available on request.

* Foothills Music Teacher's Association
* Colorado State Music Teacher's Association  
* Music Teacher's National Association