Staccato Music

THANK YOU for exercising safety and precaution when students and family members contract or come into contact with Coronavirus. Student safety and the safety of our families remain our primary concerns. While we practice safety protocol, please participate in virtual lessons when in doubt. I am humbled by your perseverance and dedication to continued caution and care.


♪ Only one student is allowed in the studio at a time. No parents or siblings will be allowed in the studio. 

Masks are required for everyone. Masks are available if needed. 

Hand-washing before the lesson is required. Please use paper towels (provided) to dry hands. *Be sure hands are completely dry before touching the pianos. 

♪ Piano keys, piano stools, and other touch surfaces will be disinfected between students. 

♪ An air purifier will be running at all times. 

♪ Students must wait outside or in their cars until their lesson time. *Do not enter before the scheduled lesson time. Do not leave students unattended outside. 

♪ Pick students up promptly. Students will not be allowed to wait inside the studio after their lesson.  

♪ If students or family members are exposed to or experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus remain at home and participate in **virtual lessons. 

♪ In the event the studio has been exposed to Coronavirus, the studio will immediately revert to virtual lessons for at least two weeks. 

♪ If we see an increase in cases or a change in CDC recommendations, we will revert to virtual lessons until it is once again safe to resume in-person lessons. 


♪ PLEASE ENTER the studio at lesson times and not before. The door will be opened to signal that it is time, however, as the weather begins to change students should enter on their own. It is not necessary to ring the doorbell or knock. You are welcome!

♪ No Perfume, colognes, body sprays, or scented lotions. Scents trigger my asthma and throat-swelling. 

Park "head-in" (not parallel) in front of my house or driveway. Do not park in front of my neighbors' houses. 

Always remove wet or muddy shoes.

Be extra cautious of Loki


    Prior to virtual lessons, log on to:

  • Retrieve assignment 
  • Log practice minutes
  • Download and/or print assigned music, worksheets, or games


  • Music; all books, open and ready
  • Additional music, worksheets, etc. 
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencils
  • Sticky Notes
  • Stickers and candy! (optional)

    Audio Settings for piano lessons:

  • Check that Zoom is updated to the latest version
  • Uncheck "Automatically adjust microphone volume"
  • Set "Suppress background noise to low"
  • Advanced settings: Check "Show in-meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound'" 
  • Advanced settings: Always make sure your screen reads "Turn Off Original Sound"
  • Advanced settings: Check "Disable echo cancellation"
  • Advanced settings: Check " High fidelity music mode"
  • Suggested: Connection via ethernet cable or as close to the router as possible 
  • Suggested: Headphones and external microphone